O. Oregonia gracilis

Graceful Decorator Crab

Slender Oregon

The Oregoniidae are a family of crabs, formerly included in the family Majidae. It contains the four genera Chionoecetes, Hyas, Macroregonia, and Oregonia.

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Oregonia gracilis, commonly known as the graceful decorator crab, is a species of crab belonging to the family Oregoniidae. Like other decorator crabs it habitually attaches other organisms to its back. The sessile organisms are attached to hooked setae that act as a sort of velcro attachment. This decoration provides visual and chemical camouflage thus reducing predation risk. Pacific halibut are a major predator of O. gracilis. Other predators include octopus and sea otters. The main food source of O. gracilis is floating kelp and algae that they capture utilizing a waiting strategy in order to maintain cryptosis.

Oregonia gracilis. Retrieved May, 08 2021, from