Scyphozoa Semaeostomeae

Ulmaridae Aurelia labiata

Moon Jelly

Lip-like Golden Elm

The Ulmaridae are a family of jellyfish.

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Aurelia labiata is a species of moon jellyfish. It is a cnidarian in the family Ulmaridae. It is typically larger than Aurelia aurita, with individuals document up to 45cm. However much of its size range overlaps with A. aurita (up to 40cm), making size an imperfect diagnostic tool. Most Aurelia labiata have a 16-scalloped bell, meaning the bell indents inward at 16 points, a characteristic that also appears in other Aurelia species. Aurelia labiata occurs in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, from the Northern coast of California, north to Canada and into Alaska.

Aurelia labiata. Retrieved November, 05 2021, from