Gymnolaemata Cheilostomatida

S. S. Schizoporella unicornis

Orange Encrusting Bryozoan

One-horned Split-little-pore Split-little-pore-idea

Ascophora is an infraorder under order Cheilostomatida of the Bryozoa.

They are now considered a synonym of Flustrina. Ascophorans are distinguished from other cheilostomes in having a completely calcified wall covering their frontal surface apart from the orifice, and possessing an ascus (hence the name of the suborder). The ascus is a water-filled sac of frontal membrane opening at or near the orifice. It functions as a hydrostatic system by allowing water into the space below the inflexible frontal wall when the zooid everts its polypide (feeding tentacles) by muscles pulling the frontal membrane inwards (non-ascophorans do not need this structure as their frontal wall is not calcified).

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The Schizoporellidae is a family within the bryozoan order Cheilostomatida. Colonies are encrusting on shells and rocks or upright bilaminar branches or sheets. The zooidal orifice has a narrow V-shaped sinus.

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Schizoporella unicornis is a species of bryozoans in the family Schizoporellidae. Species have been found intertidally around oyster beds in Georgia. However, the origins of this species are likely from British Columbia.

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