H. Halichondria bowerbanki

Bread Crumb Sponge

Bowerbank's Sea-sponge

Halichondriidae is a family of sea sponges belonging to the order Suberitida.

These sponges have a skeleton consisting of dense bundles of spicules occurring in a more or less random pattern.

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Halichondria bowerbanki, commonly known as the yellow sun sponge, is a species of sea sponge in the family Halichondriidae. It is found on rocky surfaces in the shallow subtidal, with occasional intertidal specimens under overhanging rocks. The physical appearance and structure of the species is variable and it has tassel-like irregular branches. Colonies can be up to 25 centimeters high with branches reaching 12 centimeters high. The color of the species is beige to brown in the summer, and light grey/yellow in the winter.

Halichondria bowerbanki. Retrieved November, 05 2021, from