Sclerodactylidae Eupentacta quinquesemita

Stiff Footed Sea Cucumber

Five-pathed Well-five-spined Hard-fingered

Sclerodactylidae is a family of sea cucumbers, marine invertebrates with elongated bodies, leathery skins and tentacles.

Members of the family are characterised by the complex ring of ossicles they have near the anterior end. These may or may not take the form of a short tube but are quite unlike the long tubes found in the phyllophorids. The tentacles number ten to twenty.

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Eupentacta quinquesemita is a species of sea cucumber, a marine invertebrate with an elongated body, a leathery skin and tentacles surrounding the mouth. It is commonly known as the stiff-footed sea cucumber or white sea cucumber, and occurs on rocky coasts in the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

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