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Campanulariidae is a family of animals in the phylum Cnidaria, or stinging-celled animals. Campanulariidae is composed entirely of hydroids, a Greek term meaning "water animals" applied to the plant-like polyp colonies of the class Hydrozoa. All species of the Campanulariidae are aquatic in habitat, primarily inhabiting coastal regions and tidal pools.

Obelia contains probably the most well-known species of this phylum, and include four species. All are around 20–35 cm in height with a series of branches carrying the individual polyps. One species, Obelia longissima, is unique for its ability to produce obelin, a photoprotein which allows for bioluminescence.

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Barbula unguiculata is a species of moss belonging to the family Pottiaceae. Synonyms:

Barbula amoena Schumach.

Barbula apiculata Hedw.

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