Apodichthys flavidus

Penpoint Gunnel

Yellow Footless-fish

The penpoint gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus) is a gunnel, a species of fish from the Pacific coast of North America, ranging from Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska to Santa Barbara Island in southern California.

The penpoint gunnel varies in shades of green, maroon, or brown. It is commonly 4–8 in (10–20 cm) long, though it can be up to 1. 5 ft (46 cm). It most easily distinguished by the dark bar below each eye, as it is commonly found peeking out of a kelp bed or crevice. There is a row of dark and/or pale spots along the midbody and commonly a series of short, pale bar-like marking extending down from the top of the dorsal fin. The first spine of the anal fin is large and grooved like a fountain pen point. It has a continuous dorsal, tail and anal fins, but no ventral fins. The tail is defined by slightly longer rays. The anal fin is about half the length of the dorsal fin.

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