Bodianus diplotaenia

Mexican Hogfish

Double-ribbon Of-Bodianus

The Mexican hogfish, Bodianus diplotaenia, is a species of wrasse native to the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Adults inhabit rocky or coral areas at depths of 5–75 m. Sometimes, they are also found on sandy bottoms and where marine plants abound. They are solitary or form aggregations of only a few individuals. Mexican hogfish feed on crabs, brittle stars, mollusks, and sea urchins. At night, they gather in cracks and crevices of rocks and caves to sleep. The Mexican hogfish starts life as a female, and later becomes a functional male. Males defend temporary reproductive territories called leks. The sex change may be due to local social conditions, but it may also have a genetic component, since the reversal occurs over a limited size range. They are oviparous, with distinct pairing during breeding.

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