F. F. Fucus gardneri


Gardner's Seaweed

The Fucales (fucoids) are an order in the brown algae (class Phaeophyceae). The list of families in the Fucales, as well as additional taxonomic information on algae, is publicly accessible at Algaebase. [1]The class Phaeophyceae is included within the division Heterokontophyta. This name comes from the Greek word phaios meaning "brown" and phyton meaning plant. They include some of the largest organisms in the sea, but some are small and fine in structure.

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The Fucaceae are a family of brown algae, containing six genera:

Ascophyllum Stackhouse – one species

Fucus L. – 15 species

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Fucus gardneri is a species of seaweed, a brown alga living on the littoral shore of the Pacific coasts of North America. It has the common names of rockweed and bladderwrack.

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