Maxillopoda Sessilia B. B. Balanus

Acorn Acorn-like Sitting Jaw-footed Joint-footed Animals

Maxillopoda is a diverse class of crustaceans including barnacles, copepods and a number of related animals. It does not appear to be a monophyletic group, and no single character unites all the members.

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Sessilia is an order of barnacles, comprising the barnacles without stalks, or acorn barnacles. They form a monophyletic group and are probably derived from stalked barnacles. The order is divided into three suborders. The Brachylepadomorpha contain a single family, Neobrachylepadidae, while the Verrucomorpha contain two families, Verrucidae and Neoverrucidae. The remaining 12 families are in the suborder Balanomorpha.

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The Balanidae comprise a family of barnacles of the order Sessilia, containing these genera:

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Balanus is a genus of barnacles in the family Balanidae of the subphylum Crustacea.

This genus is known in the fossil record from the Jurassic to the Quaternary periods (age range: from 189. 6 to 0. 0 million years ago. ). Fossil shells within this genus have been found all over the world.

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