Nematocarcinoidea R. Rhynchocinetes typus

Hingebeak Prawn

Type Beak-mover Thread-crab-like

Nematocarcinoidea is a superfamily of shrimp, comprising four families – Eugonatonotidae, Nematocarcinidae, Rhynchocinetidae and Xiphocarididae. They share the presence of strap-like epipods on at least the first three pairs of pereiopods, and a blunt molar process.

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The family Rhynchocinetidae are a group of small, reclusive red-and-white shrimp. This family typically has an upward-hinged foldable rostrum, hence its taxon name Rhynchocinetidae, which means movable beak; this gives these shrimps their common name of hinge-beak shrimps. The family contains only two genera, Cinetorhynchus and Rhynchocinetes.

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